A Night Full of Tasks

Tonight I’ve got so many task from school that I have to stay awake all night long to finish these tasks. Some of these tasks supposed to be a team task, but somehow I’m working it all alone thanks to those lazy guys who’ve been luckily put in my team. Life feels unfair at times like this, but I believe in action-reaction effect of the universe we live in. So I think one day, everything I’ve done now will not be a waste. On the top of that, what I worry the most is I might can’t stay awake in the class today and scolded by a teacher, or even worse, punished. Just what should I do? If I sleep now I might be late for school, this is definitely a checkmate condition where I have to sacrifice my own health by staying awake until the school is over. I just really hope that I won’t faint in the school today. Well, I might better stop overthinking of what I should do and just let it flow for now. I’ll let life flow just the way it is so that it would guide me.

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