The task that I’ve been working on all night long since yesterday is not finished yet. I really am sleepy in the school today and teachers just gave me more tasks to finish. But somehow, I’m not unhappy and at the same time I’m not happy too, I’m in the state of equilibrium mood. I just simply do things as usual, as my spiritful self. Especially in that japanese class back then, It’s all because I simply love japanese and I’ll go the extra miles to become a really good japanese speaker, to fulfill my dream of studying in Japan, just as my father did. The last lesson in class was the language of Indonesia. After that, I go home with my automatic motorcycle. As soon as I’m home,  just when I need them, my mother prepared “risoles” and ginger water for me, you can see those in the picture, I simply can’t thank her enough for everything she did to me, but I’ll type it here; thanks mom, I love you. Next, I eat those “risoles” and drink some ginger water peacefully. I was about to smile when I remembered that I’ll have to finish my task right after this, then I cancelled my smile, because today is really an equilibrium day.

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