Day of Election

Today, I’ve experienced another unforgettable experience back then in the school. Today is the election day of MPK leader. I am one of the eight candidates of MPK leader. We were given some tasks and we will have to speech in front of MPK fraction, the current MPK, OSIS, and teachers before we will finally being voted. I was so nervous, It’s just unusual, I usually am an improvisative person, but the tense inside the hall, where we must conduct our speech, was really tense. From eight candidates, I was the fifth speecher. I really am nervous that I forget to mention something about my powers and weaknesses, but thankfully I can still finish my speech well. After I walk out of the hall, I felt really happy. After all eight of us have performed our speech, we were told to wait for the vote result in front of the hall door. Next, all eight of us walk in to the hall to see the result; Salsabilla Maghfirani was chosen to be the leader of MPK. She has the rights to decide our position in MPK. I was chosen as the leader of A commission, and I was really happy. I just think that this position in MPK suits me the best. More else, the vice leader was Ardiansyah Rendi, the treasurer was Putu Widhi, the secretary was Marcella Pavita, the leader of B commission was Chaidar Shofi, the leader of C commission was Fatma Dora, and the leader of D commission was Ferry Yundiarto. We all hope we can run MPK better this year.

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