Status: Bad Mood

I think I’ll have to summarize everything that had happened this week into one post; this post itself. I’ve been so busy lately with the preparations of SMC, the election of the next leader of OSIS, homeworks and tests. I still able to maintain my performances and scores well, but I have no time for my own happiness lately, in other words; I’m in a bad mood. Especially because of the pressure I had in the class. You know, bullies from classmates, senior and teacher’s bad opinion about my class and many more. I know it is our fault, I’ve tried my best to balance the scale, but many boys in my class did the reverse. They sleep in the class, skip class, harassing the teacher in the class and many more. Makes all my hard work gone to waste, makes me think that entering social class is the wrong choice. Well they actually just have a different vision, they define ‘breaking rules’ as ‘have fun’ and their scale of ‘enjoy life’ is in a way higher stage than me, they party hard but work less. Well, not all of them but some of they are. Somehow, today I took a very risky way to make them realize that they live not only as a teenager but also as a student. I hope that I don’t have to do that again. It’s just very horrible to think I’ve said such bad words that might hurt the feelings of other people, but I have to. Later on, It’s nice that my friends in SKI always makes me smile again before I go home. It just felt good to talk to those who have been spiritually stabilized. Now, while currently typing this post, I also watch several movies; Wreck-it Ralph, How To Train Your Dragon, and Johnny English. These movies managed to make my mood better again. What again? Oh, the election of best three candidates of OSIS leader is today, I really hope everything will go as we planned. Last but not least, I really hope that God will strengthen me in every problems in my life, because there’s already many problems in my life and I’m starting to think that I can’t handle some problems anymore.

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