Busy Fun Day



Last thursday was a really busy day. I should’ve studied in school as usual, but I and my frien, Randy Putra Resha, a friend of mine from SKI anf 10th grade, was in Surabaya departement of religion. There was some socialization about zakat, waqaf, infaq, etc. The socialization was exciting, but then, after the socialization, there was also a motivation by a different speaker, a brown-skinned energic oldman. He graduated from SMAN 6 Surabaya, and now he’s actively motivating teenagers in Indonesia to believe in God and achieve their dreams. He’s very humorous, all of us laughed and having fun back then. To put it simply, the motivation was even more exciting than the socialization itself. After the motivation finished, the committee gave all of us a box of lunch and fifty thousand rupiahs, makes us even happier. Afterwards, we returned to school, and both of us were given another task, Randy have to transport our Bahasa Indonesia teacher, Mrs. Naning, I don’t remember where he have to transport her to. While I have to transport our religion teacher, Mrs. Rus, to East Java departement of religion. Well, we both did our task, and when we return to school again, the school is about to over, so we just waited until the school is over and go home, we didn’t even study that day, but we’ve gained some happy experiences. What a busy yet fun day.

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