Before the SMC



Back then at Friday 13th of this month and this year, everything in the school was really ordinary, I still can’t find a meeting point with guys in my class, I just don’t want to be like them so I keep distance. The special thing about that day is: It’s one day before the SMC and the committees, that means me too, would stay at the school until the SMC. I’m really excited, that was the third time I stayed at my high school, I did it twice before, it was before the idul adha and before the Smada fair. What’s so special about staying at the school? well, actually, It’s even worse than in my home. Mosquitos everywhere, no bed, few bathrooms, to put it simply; the facilities are not good. But what can I say anyway? It’s a school, not a hotel. What makes me happy is the fact that there are my friends here, that one simple fact makes me happy to stay at school. Back to the storyline, at the evening of that day, I painted some boards, I took some pre-ordered foods from the sponsor of SMC with a senior, I danced caesar dance with some friends, I helped many people. Then at the night of that day, I and my friends strolled around the school because of curiosity. I somehow had fun back then. Then some of us sleep at the midnight, while some more stay awake all night long to finish their task, everyone worked so hard. I didn’t know when did I fallen asleep, but it was a short sleep. I really hope the event won’t turn us down.

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