The Day: Smada Moslem Competition


The 14th of september, we woke up early to finish every preparation, but as usual, we couldn’t start the event at the right time, we were late. But that’s not a big deal anyway, many participants of the competition were late that day. The main problem is a technical problem that I don’t want to write about in here. Now about the competition itself, you might want to see the poster of SMC itself.


A nice poster, ain’t it? Next year, I’ll be the steering committee of that event and I hope I can make the event way better than our senior, so they will be proud of us. That day, we used almost every space in the school as the competition zone, including the field, we made a large canopy there. I didn’t really do anything that day, I am really tired that I can’t help and took another another sleep at the afternoon, after I met my friend from Smala and I failed a talent test for a sister school program in Korea. Yeah, that day was infuriating because of that talent test, I don’t have any talent so I just tried to sing and I think made a mistake when I sing. Back to the story line, after some sleep, I woke up when the competition about to end, and I helped a bit, had some lunch, and do many more random activities. Finally, when the competition finished, I obtained a certificate for being a committee of SMC. Well, that made my day. At the evening, some of us go home, while some stay at school to prepare for the tabligh akbar, I was one of those who stayed at school again that day, we played with cottons and matches then we prepare everything for the next day. Just like the day before. I was still infuriated by the audition back then.

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