The Beginning of a Journal

ImageWell hello, first of all, I’m an Indonesian and I’m proud of it, but I prefer to write my journal in English because English is the current international language. This is my first time posting in a blog, I’ve created many blogs so far, but none of them is functioning. As you can see in the picture, I’m the guy who sit on the right edge of the bench. That picture was taken about a week ago in an event called “SMADA FAIR” we held that event to celebrate the birthday of SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya, my school, and to celebrate the freedom of Indonesia. We have so much fun back then. Those guys who sat next to me and the one who stand behind all of us are my friends; Labib, Galih, Ditya and Eka. They are my fellow classmates from 10th grade. I am now in the 11th grade of social class (for your information, in Indonesia, we are separated into social class and science class as soon as we started senior high school) and I must admit I missed them so much. They are now in the 11th grade science class. Why I choose social class when my friends choose science class? The answer is very simple; I have a different dream, a different vision from all of them. I won’t stupidly choose my friends over my dream, because friends came and go, but dream will stay in my heart forever. The reason I started writing journal from 11th grade is because I feel that this time of my life is the greatest turning point in my life. Everything in the future of my life will be affected greatly by the current me. On the top of that, I think I finally have a life that worth to be shared by everyone; a unique life. Well of course, that’s from my point of view, whether my life is unique or not is for you to decide. That’s all I can type for now, I am sorry for every mistakes in grammar that I might have done, today’s advice from me; enjoy your life.

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